What are the principles and properties of fireproof glass

2019-06-18 09:53:49
Fireproof glass principle: in case of high temperature in the future, glass center transparent gelatinous fireproof rubber layer will be quickly hardened, constitute an opaque fire insulation board.In block the flame spread together, also block the high temperature to back fire surface conduction.This kind of fireproof glass not only has fire and heat insulation function, and sound insulation effect is top.Can be machined into arcs.

Fireproof glass function:

1, superior fire resistance function: high quality fireproof glass in up to 1000℃ of flame impact can still adhere to more than 90 minutes without cracking.

3. Safety: the fragments of high quality fireproof glass are in an obtuse state after being broken, and the fragments are smaller than those of tempered glass. That is to say, even if they are broken, they will not cause damage to human body.

2. High strength: high quality fireproof glass not only has outstanding fire prevention function, but also has high strength. For example, under the same glass thickness, the strength of fireproof glass is 6-12 times that of fluorinated glass;It is 2-3 times of tempered glass.

4, high weather resistance: fire glass and traditional grouting or composite sandwich fire glass comparison, not only high strength, but also high weather resistance, it in the ultraviolet radiation for a long time, will not affect any changes in the appearance and use function, so can insist on transparent and bright for a long time.

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